How to Register for Oregon Tech Seattle Classes

  1. Submit an online application to Oregon Tech. You must have a Student Identification Number in order to register for a class (BEMS numbers do not count). If you have not completed this action please follow this link (applications take 48 hours to produce a student ID number):
  2. Review the class schedule for dates, times and locations of courses. Daily updated schedules are sent to students through the OIT Boeing-Distribution list. If you have not been added to this list you will need to sign a Release of Information Form and email it to
  3. Complete the Oregon Tech Seattle Registration Form all required class information but be submitted correctly to register.
  4. If you are registering for a class that has a prerequisite you must submit unofficial transcripts to you have completed the requirement. You will be required to submit official transcripts by week 6 of the quarter to remain in the class.
  5. Submit completed Registration form and voucher(s) to for processing.
  6. Check the updated daily class schedule sent to OIT-DL for verification of registration.
  7. Information on books is listed on the schedule under the Book Information tab.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Marcus Harrell in the Oregon Tech Seattle Office.

Marcus Harrell, Seattle Program Manager