Oregon Tech Seattle follows the Oregon Tech refund policy and deadlines for dropping/withdrawing from courses as listed below.

Once you are registered in courses, you are fully responsible for the tuition and fees. Courses dropped before the fifth calendar day of the term (Friday) at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time are not billed, and the student is not responsible for any tuition and fees from the dropped class. If the dropped class is a Saturday class the student has until the sixth day of term to drop without charge.

Courses dropped after the fifth (sixth day for a Saturday class) day of the term will be billed a partial tuition amount calculated according to the refund schedule listed below. Please note that the summer term refund schedule is pro-rated to eight weeks. For further information about summer term refunds, please contact the Oregon Tech Seattle Program office at 425.965.9707.

Refund/Billing Deadlines

The Oregon Tech refund/billing schedule is listed on the Cashier's Office page (Cashier's Calendar).