The SPGA office requires at least fourteen (14) working days’ notification prior to the proposal due date for processing.

Procedures, forms, and additional information for Oregon Tech researchers can be found on SPGA's internal website, in TechWeb here.

Pre-Award: Faculty (PI)

Complete and Signed PAF (Proposal Approval Form)

Per Oregon Tech Policy, the PAF must be completed, signed, and dated by the Principal Investigator(PI). The PI's Department Chair and Dean must also approve the PAF before being submitted to SPGA (emailed approvals will suffice). SPGA will ROUTE the PAF & all supporting docs (including emailed approvals) to the PI, Co-PI, Department Chair, Dean and the Associate Provost for Research for Final Approval via our electronic signature platform (DocuSign). The Sponsored Projects Office is the University's authorized officiant that submits ALL Proposals to sponsors.

Budget (Budget Template Form)

The Draft Budget you turn in to SPGA must include direct costs, F&A (indirect) costs, and a total of the two. The Budget should be both referenced within the proposal and attached to the completed PAF.

Scope of Work

This is a brief description of the work to be performed under the agreement. The Scope of Work should be both referenced within the proposal and attached to the completed PAF.

Sponsor Contact Information

Please provide SPGA with any name(s) and contact information (e-mail, address, phone, fax) of contract administrators for the other party when turning in your PAF.

Pre-Proposal Agreements/Arrangements

Pre-Proposal Agreements/Arrangements include verbal discussions or agreements between the PI and the Sponsor prior to the proposal submission. SPGA needs to know any agreed promises, and/ or expectations that have developed in order to evaluate and incorporate them into the proposal.


Please submit any completed proposals to

Grant Life Cycle


  1. SPGA and the PI work together in order to record all expenditures and commitments in a timely and accurate manner for invoicing.
  2. SPGA monitors active contracts to ensure contract terms are met within the time limit of the grant.
  3. Closeout


SPGA Submits the following to Agencies on the Principal Investigator's behalf:

  • Invoices (Including the Final Invoice)
  • Financial Reports
  • Final Progress Reports (Please submit to

Any additional materials must be submitted to the agency by the PI.


To Oregon Tech SPGA, Compliance means ensuring that all grant and contract-funded employees are university employees who are treated like all other employees. The Project Director/Principal Investigator also agrees that employees hired as part of the grant must be paid, provided benefits, and given employment conditions according to the university’s policies and procedures.