What is STEM education with SMSP?

The South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership (SMSP)

​is a collaboration of school districts, community colleges, universities, out-of-school programs and business and community partners that is focused on increasing student access and success in STEM fields. In March 2014, the SMSP was named an Oregon Regional STEM Hub.

The South Metro-Salem STEM Partners have developed a shared vision for STEM education in the region that will increase the excitement and engagement of students in STEM courses and experiential learning that lead to increased achievement by providing all students with STEM experiences and courses at all grade levels.


  • Student achievement will improve when instruction is grounded in connections to the world beyond school, and integrated, contextualized STEM instruction is incorporated into every district’s STEM plans.
  • Collaboration and active participation in the STEM Partnership will provide a forum for sharing effective STEM teaching and learning practices, and leveraging community resources to increase access for teachers and students to STEM teaching and learning resources.
  • Strong bonds among schools, colleges, universities, businesses and community partners will provide sustained enrichment in STEM teaching practices and provide students with advanced educational experiences, career exploration, and mentorship.


Teacher Leadership:

forming a learning community to share effective STEM teaching and project-based learning practices and engage in shared professional development, as well as to develop leadership capacity in our teachers to implement district-wide STEM priorities.

Community Connections:

organizing and facilitating a STEM Network of mentors, programs and events that inspire students and sponsors to utilize the state's rich industry and community resources. STEM Oregon is the online home for this network.

Accelerated STEM Credit:

increase early access for students to college courses and credits, especially in STEM fields.