Online Learning Academic Advising

With Oregon Tech Online, most admitted students have both a primary Faculty Advisor in their major and a secondary Academic Advisor, who works with students after they are admitted through graduation. 

Brandy Nightingale serves as the secondary Academic Advisor for online programs and has been advising online students at Oregon Tech since 2014. 

Brandy advises all fully admitted online students except for those in: Pre-Medical Imaging Technology, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Respiratory Care, the Master’s in Engineering, and the Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

She is passionate about helping new students get started with Oregon Tech and seeing them through to graduation. To schedule a meeting with Brandy, send her an email with your 918. 

541.885.1676 -


Advising at Oregon Tech

Your Faculty Advisor is here to discuss your field of study, course content, and give final approval on the courses you plan to take each term.

Your secondary Academic Advisor contact provides general advising and is here to help you find and use Oregon Tech resources effectively. They are your best contact for understanding policies and procedures, logistical issues, and general questions about how to navigate the university.

Not admitted yet? Contact Admissions ( or the Transfer/Pre-Admissions Advisor (