A love of Oregon Tech keeps alumna Ashlie Pence working at the university after graduation

Growing up in Bonanza, just 30 miles east of Oregon Tech, Ashlie Pence didn't have far to go to reach her career goals. After initially studying Criminal Justice at Klamath Community College and earning an associate degree, she enrolled in Oregon Tech’s Communication Studies program. Pence worked as a student ambassador in Admissions and later as a student worker in Financial Aid. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, she decided that working in higher education was the career path she wanted to take, and she chose to remain at Oregon Tech.

Students in Communication Studies and Professional Writing are developing an app and creating video/print media

Searching for ways to engage their students and show the variety of applications for the Communication Studies and Professional Writing degrees at Oregon Tech, associate professors Dr. Franny Howes and Dr. Amber Lancaster created two unique summer research projects. While brainstorming ways to offer their students hands-on opportunities, they developed summer internships opportunities for a gender-neutral pronoun app and a video/print media project.