Oregon Tech is committed to sustaining an environment free from sex-based discrimination and harassment. As part of our ongoing commitment to the Oregon Tech Community’s well-being, we provide training and education about Oregon Tech’s policies, applicable federal and state laws, including, but not limited to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as well as information about the rights, responsibilities, and resources applicable to each member of our learning and working community.

Mandatory Training


Because Title IX awareness is crucial to the health and wellness of the Oregon Tech Community overall, annual training on Title IX and related laws is required for all Oregon Tech students, employees, volunteers at all Oregon Tech campus locations. Our Board of Trustees also attend annual Title IX training. Members of the Title IX Office, including the Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, and Deputy Title IX Coordinators receive additional training, as do Hearing Officers and Advisors.  

Request Training

If your department, student club, faculty member, or group is interested in Title IX or non-discrimination training, please contact the Title IX Office. We are happy to design a training module, participate in a workshop, or present a seminar to fit your needs and interests.

Simply email us at TitleIX@oit.edu and write “Training Request” in the subject line. Let us know what you have in mind for training (content, length, burning questions, hypothetical scenarios, etc.) and we will get back to you to make arrangements.

Past Training Materials

Oregon Tech’s primary concern is to ensure that all students and employees are provided a safe and respectful learning and working environment. As an update to this commitment and to further transparency and accessibility to training materials, effective August 14, 2020, all Title IX, sex discrimination, and sexual misconduct trainings will be listed and linked on this page.

This page will be frequently updated. If you believe a training topic may be missing, please contact the Title IX Office.

Date Audience Mandatory Training



All employees to attend


Gearing Up: New Title IX Regulations

Highlights and Hurdles (1 hour)


Resident Assistants


Fall Term 2020: Hitting the Ground Running

Title IX Basics for RAs (1 hour)


Title IX Coordinator & Investigator


Title IX Training (Busch Blackwell webinar; 8 hours)


Title IX Coordinator & Investigator


What Did I Miss? Hot Title IX Issues You May Have Missed But Can’t Ignore (Franczek webinar; 1 hour)


Faculty & Staff (Convocation)


Fall Term 2020: Hitting the Ground Running

Title IX Basics for Faculty & Staff (1 hour)

*Additional live training sessions to be scheduled in October and November


 ISHC Staff


Integrated Student Health Center Title IX Training: What You Need to Know (1 hour)

10/13-14/2020, 10/20-21/2020

Faculty and Staff


Title IX Basics for Faculty & Staff (5 1-hour sessions)




Title IX Investigator No Oregon SATF Campus Investigator Training 2020 (16 hours)


10/26-27/2020, 11/2-3/2020


Students   Fall Term 2020: Hitting the Ground Running (12 1-hour sessions)


Fall 2020/Winter 2021


Students and Employees Yes Make-up on-demand (recorded) training for Students and Employees who missed live training sessions


01/25 - 02/03/21


Title IX Investigator No Civil Rights Investigator Level One (ATIXA)


Title IX Investigator


Removing Bias in Investigations Course (Marcus Williams Training Academy)

03/30/21 - 03/31/21 Equity Investigator (new title, FKA Title IX Investigator) No Civil Rights Investigator Level Two (ATIXA)
04/13/21 & 04/20/21 All students and staff invited No After Title IX: What Every Student Needs to Know About Workplace Sexual Harassment
05/09/2021 Phi Delta Theta New Members  No Phi Delta Theta New Members 
05/10/2021 Equity Investigator No How to Conduct an Internal Harassment and Bullying investigation to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability