Math Courses

Below you will find a Course Content file (in pdf format) for each course offered by the Department.

The Course Content file contains Objectives and a set of Core Skills and Topics covered in that course. Course Descriptions can be found in the catalog.

Unless otherwise noted under the Downloads, a course is offered every term during an academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring terms). Summer term course offerings vary from year to year and are advertised during the Spring term in Boivin and Owens Hall.

If you need further assistance with our course offerings or content, please contact Dibyajyoti Deb at

Upper Level Course Offerings

Every Fall term, we offer Math 421. Every Spring term we offer Math 451.

Every other year, we offer the full sequence Math 421-422-423, starting in an even year. In the off year, we offer our Math 452 and Math 453 courses.

We offer Math 465 every year, during Winter and Spring terms.