Dental Hygiene Application - Klamath Falls & Salem Campuses

The Dental Hygiene Applications for Fall 2021 open November 1, 2020.

Application deadline is March 31, 2021.

NOTE: Pre-requisite (Pre-dental hygiene) courses have changed for the 2021 application year. Please see the 2020-21 curriculum map.

Step 1: Apply to Oregon Tech

Apply to Oregon Tech and pay the $50 admission fee. Students applying to the dental hygiene program will apply as "Transfer students for Fall Term".

The Priority Deadline for Admissions Scholarships for students entering in the Fall Term is March 1 of each year.

Transcript Reminder: You must send updated college transcripts for BOTH winter and spring terms, upon completion of each term, to have your application reviewed.

Step 2: Complete Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene application

Only one application is needed to apply. Campus preference can be selected within the application. Application Packet is available here or above under the "Application Packet" heading.

Step 3: Submit Dental Hygiene Application packet and Application fee

Submit the Dental Hygiene Application packet and Dental Hygiene Application Review fee of $75 made payable to Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene. Send the application packet directly to the Dental Hygiene department at:

Attn: Lisa Leonard
3201 Campus Drive, Semon Hall #212
Klamath Falls, OR 997601

All courses must be complete by June 15th. Exception: BIO 233 may be taken in summer term but must be completed by the end of summer term.

Reminder: Please do not send college transcripts to the Dental Hygiene Department. Transcripts must be sent to the Registrar's Office.

Step 4: Interview Day, Friday, April 16, 2021 (by invitation only)

Students selected to proceed to the interview process will be contacted via e-mail regarding the exact interview time and location.

Consideration for Interview Day invitations will be based on:

  • Oregon Tech general admission
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.75
  • Program Application submitted by March 31st
  • Dental Hygiene Application fee paid by March 31st
  • Grade earned in Dental Hygiene (DHE) 100

DH selection criteria:

  • Overall pre-requisite GPA
  • Science & Math pre-requisite courses GPA
  • Interview day participation evaluation

Additional consideration given for:

  • Students who have completed at least 50% of pre-requisite courses at Oregon Tech or Chemeketa CC
  • Overall transcript review- (number of courses completed at time of application; number of courses repeated, completion of courses beyond pre-requisites)

***Acceptance contingent on successful completion (C or better) of all pre-requisite courses by June 15th (except BIO 233). Updated transcripts must be provided to the registrar's office immediately after completion.

Current dental hygienists can apply directly to the Online Degree Completion program using the Undergraduate Online Transfer application.

For questions regarding the submission of application material, please contact Darlene Swigart.
Darlene Swigart
Assistant Professor

Semon Hall #212