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Pre-Dental Hygiene

One year of academic coursework is required before a student is eligible to apply for entry into the DHE program. Courses may be taken at Oregon Tech, Chemeketa Community College, or any other accredited college or university. The DHE 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene is available online as well.

Before you Apply

Before you apply to the Dental Hygiene program at Oregon Tech, read over "Things to Know Before You Apply" as it covers important topics such as program accreditation, philosophy, expectations, and ethics.

Pre-Dental Curriculum

Pre-Dental Hygiene
Oregon Tech Courses
BIO 200 Medical Terminology 2
BIO 231 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
CHE 101 Elementary Chemistry 3
CHE 104 Elementary Chemistry Lab 1
DHE 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene 2
BIO 105 Microbiology 4
BIO 232 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
SOC 204 Introduction to Sociology
WRI 121 English Composition
BIO 205 Nutrition 3
BIO 233 Human Anatomy and Physiology III 4
SPE 111 Public Speaking 3
WRI 122 Argumentative Writing 3
Total Credit Hours 39

Salem Students: Please see Chemeketa Community College's website for pre-requisites and courses.

Transfer Guide for Students with Previous College Credits

Visit the Oregon Tech transfer guide and transfer equivalency database to identify how courses from a partner community college or university will transfer to Dental Hygiene. For other inquiries or further questions, please contact an advisor at your school for help in scheduling or transfer questions, or contact these people at Oregon Tech:

Klamath Falls - Paula Russell, Dental Hygiene Department Chair, 541.885.1277, paula.russell@oit.edu
Salem - Paula Hendrix, Program Director, 503.394.4697, paula.hendrix@oit.edu

DHE 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene

If you are taking pre-dental hygiene courses at a community college and planning to transfer to one of Oregon Tech’s dental hygiene programs you will need to take DHE 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene. DHE 100 is offered each term and you can view registration information here. You must have successfully completed or be in process of completing DHE 100 at the time of program application or by the end of spring term of the year of application.

Dual Enrollment

Visit our Dual Enrollment page for more information on enrolling in a community college.