Through a variety of community outreach programs, students develop the necessary skills and experience to become successful in their dental career, and to stand out during the hiring process.

Dental Work

Students work in teams to promote oral health within their communities. In this multi-quarter course sequence you and your student team will choose a population (children, elderly, people with disabilities) that is experiencing a health inequity and then design and implement a project with the goal of improving their oral health. Typically, oral health education; preventive services such as fluoride and sealants; restorative dentistry; patient advocacy; and referral for expanded dental care are components of most outreach projects.

Previous programs and partners in Klamath Falls include:

  • Klamath County Corrections
  • Link River High School
  • Elementary age children enrolled in after school programs
  • Pelican Pointe Memory Care
  • Migrant children and their families

The International Externship Program (IEP) is the result of a student-led outreach project several years ago. Since 1993, students and instructors have traveled outside the U.S. to provide dental care to communities in need.This year, the Dental Hygiene program is visiting Jamaica to provide dental care to rural areas.

International Externship Program
Student working in Jamaica