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Medical Imaging Technology Department

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The Pre-MIT Curriculum is offered at the Klamath Falls campus, Portland-Metro campus, or online. 

About the Department

Student success is emphasized in the Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) Department. On-campus students learn the history, theory, and procedures of the imaging modality of their choice. At one of the many hospitals or medical centers affiliated with the imaging programs, students refine their skills by performing the many examination they practiced in the laboratory, on patients.

In the Fall of 2007 Oregon Tech dedicated a new health sciences building, the Center for Health Professions. All new labs, and all new energized digital equipment is available for students to practice on machines that are found in modern imaging centers today. Oregon Tech has the most extensive offering of medical imaging programs, and the finest equipped imaging laboratories of any educational facility in the United States. Students also rotate though clinical observations and practice at the Sky Lakes Medical Center, located next to Oregon Tech.

Career prospects for MIT graduates are exceptional. The job market is good and expected to get better as the baby boom generation moves to retirement.

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Programs On Campus

Oregon Tech offers bachelor's degrees in five professional programs. Each program prepares students for employment and for successfully passing national and state registry examinations.

PACS Specialization

Medical Imaging Technology students with an interest and aptitude in computer science have a unique opportunity at Oregon Tech to earn a specialization in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Programs Online

Oregon Tech Online offers certified and registered technologists, already working in their current field, the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in four of the professional programs.

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