The Department of Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) offers bachelor’s degrees in five professional programs which encompass the spectrum of imaging sciences. The curriculum of each bachelor’s degree program provides the technical, scientific, and communication skills essential for the application of learned concepts. Each program prepares students for their final eleven-month clinical externship at one of the many affiliated healthcare facilities, maximizing the application of learning in the classroom to their field of study.

Medical Imaging Programs

  • All B.S. degree programs
  • All have the same Pre-MIT year
  • All have an 11 month externship

Oregon Tech’s Medical Imaging students are prepared for entry into the imaging profession upon successful completion of the programmatic national certification exam. Graduates are then eligible for state licensure within Oregon.

Note: state requirements vary and students are required to research those requirements when seeking job opportunities nationally.

Please review our Technical Standards under Application Materials at Selection Criteria and MIT Program Application 

Programs in Klamath Falls

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This is a medical imaging modality that uses ultrasound technology to diagnose pathology and facilitate treatment, including obstetric visualization.


This is a modality that uses ultrasound to visualize cardiac function and pathology.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology

This modality focuses on visualizing physiologic and pathologic processes using radioisotope tracers.

Radiologic Science

This modality uses x-ray technology to visualize anatomic structure and pathology.

Vascular Technology

This modality uses ultrasound and other physiologic assessment techniques to investigate blood vessel function and pathology.

PACS Specialization

Medical Imaging Technology students with an interest and aptitude in computer science have a unique opportunity at Oregon Tech to earn a specialization in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Online Programs

For certified and registered technologists, already working in their current field, Oregon Tech Online offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in four of the professional program.

The MIT Department also offers a Master of Science in Allied Health specializing in Healthcare Leadership through Oregon Tech Online

The departmental faculty advise students. View the list of academic advisors.

If a student is unsure who their assigned academic advisor is, please contact the department chairperson or the Academic Advising office below.

Graduate Success

Degree Program Employed Continuing Education Not Looking Success Rate Starting Median Salary
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 97%     97% $70,000
Echocardiography 97% 3%   100% $67,226
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology 98% 6%   97% $89,910
Radiologic Science 94% 3%   97% $55,560
Vascular Technology 96% 4%   100% $74,880

Among those awarded MIT degrees 2017-2019. For more information, see Oregon Tech's Graduate Success.


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