Honors Program

Mission and Responsibilities


Honors Program Faculty occupy a central position in the Honors Program. They are responsible for acting as an Honors Student’s point of contact during their time in the Program. Faculty assist students in navigating the Honors Program curriculum, ensure that Students meet Honors Program expectations and that they ultimately complete the Honors Program in a timely manner.

Core Faculty Responsibilities

Honors Program Core Faculty 1) assist in the delivery of Honors Seminars and courses, 2) help the OTHP and Students meet their service requirements with regard to Honors Connections Events, HELIOS field trips, and OWLS projects, 3) mentor Students broadly, and in particular throughout the process of developing, proposing, executing, and presenting their Honors Project. Typically, students will work with a member of the Honors Program Core Faculty for their first two years in the program. Then, as they transition from classroom and service work to the work of executing, completing, and presenting their Honors Project, they will move to working primarily with an Honors Program Affiliated Faculty from the discipline, program, or department most closely aligned with the subject of their Project.

Faculty from all departments on the Klamath Falls campus are eligible to serve as Core Faculty. Core Faculty will serve as a Student’s contact during their first two years in the Honors Program. The Honors Program Director assigns to Honors Students a Core Faculty member as a part of their Honors orientation. These Faculty will assist the individual Students to which they are assigned, as necessary, and will specifically:

  • Oversee Students’ Program timelines to ensure they stay on track
  • Offer Students mentoring and guidance outside of their Major and Program
  • Help to identify Honors Connections events and promote Students’ awareness
  • Help Students identify opportunities for OWLS service hours and verify service hours
  • Guide Students in developing the concept of their Honors Project and draft a successful proposal by the end of the first year of the Program
  • Assess Students’ Honors Connections Events Journal
  • Evaluate Students’ Honors Project proposals
  • Teach at least one Honors seminar class session per year
  • Attend at least one HELIOS field trip per year
  • Attend at least one meeting of the Director and Core Faculty per term

Core Faculty are chosen by the Honors Program Director and Honors Program Assistant Director, and serve for three years, after which they may be reappointed.

Meet the Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty Responsibilities

The primary function of Honors Program Affiliated Faculty is to assist Students during the course of their Honors Projects. A faculty member may serve as both Core Faculty and Affiliated Faculty simultaneously.

Each department at Oregon Tech will have at least one Honors Program Affiliated Faculty. Affiliated Faculty will act as the liaison between the Honors Program and the department. As part of their Honors Project proposal, Honors Students will identify an Affiliated Faculty appropriate to their Project. This Affiliated Faculty will then be included in the process of evaluating the student’s Project proposal, and potentially as the Student’s primary Project Advisor. Once the proposal is accepted and this assignment is finalized, the Affiliated Faculty member will work directly with the student and the OTHP Administration as appropriate to help them complete their Project.

Affiliated Faculty are chosen by the Honors Program Director, Honors Program Assistant Director, and the appropriate Department Chair, and serve for three years, after which they may be reappointed.