Honors Program

Honors Program Faculty


Honors Program Faculty occupy a central position in the Honors Program. They act as an Honors Student’s point of contact during their time in the Program. Faculty assist students in navigating the Honors Program curriculum, ensure that students meet Honors Program expectations, and guide students through the Honors Program in a timely manner.


Core Faculty

Honors Program Core Faculty mentor students and shape the Honors Program. Core Faculty mentor students broadly, and help students meet their service requirements through Honors Connections Events, HELIOS field trips, and OWLS projects. Core Faculty also assist in the delivery of Honors Seminars and courses and select the Faculty Question for the Honors Answer Project each year. They also connect students with an Honors Program Affiliated Faculty from the discipline most closely aligned with the Student Question.

Faculty from all departments on the Klamath Falls campus are eligible to serve as Core Faculty. Core Faculty are chosen by the Honors Program Director and Honors Program Assistant Director, and serve for three years, after which they may be reappointed.

Meet the Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Honors Program Affiliated Faculty assist students as they answer their Student Question as part of the Honors Answer Project. They are also liaison between the Honors Program and their department.

Affiliated Faculty may be identified by Honors Students, the Honors Program Director, Assistant Director, or Core Faculty. A faculty member may serve as both Core Faculty and Affiliated Faculty simultaneously.