"Dignity, Honor, Tradition, Talent"

To build the kind of thoughtful character that values kindness, strength, and empathy, as well as integrity, intelligence, and challenge; to foster a community of thinkers and doers; to try new experiences, students in the Oregon Tech Honors Program will achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Through the Honors Idea Seminar, students develop an appreciation of great ideas, how they have transformed the world and peoples’ lives, and how to understand these ideas as a part of the world
  2. Through the Honors Question Seminar, students cultivate the art and study the science of asking important questions, how questions matter to scholars, citizens, and future professionals
  3. Through Honors Option Courses, students engage more deeply with the studies of their major, and connect, just as deeply, with other fields of study beyond their major
  4. Through their interaction with and guidance by Honors Program Core Faculty, students reflect in significant ways on how they will connect as future professionals to the careers and communities that matter to them
  5. Through Our World to Lead and Serve (OWLS) Projects, students learn how to lead, to follow, and to serve in ways that allow them to grow in their relation to students and citizens
  6. Through Honors Connections Events, students engage with faculty in activities across the university
  7. Through Honors Experiential Learning and Inquiry in Outdoor Settings (HELIOS) Fieldtrips, students experience learning outside of the classroom through activities that connect us with the natural world
  8. Through the Honors Answer Project, students reflect on and synthesize their experience of the past three years — of pursuing ideas, questions, and answers — and research a curiosity-driven question of their own choice

The Honors Program will foster the person in the future professional.