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Honors Program

Meet the Honors Program Core Faculty

Christopher J. Syrnyk, Honors Director

Christopher J. Syrnyk, Honors Director,
Associate Professor

Ben S. Bunting, Honors Assistant Director

Ben S. Bunting, Honors Assistant Director,
Assistant Professor of the Humanities

Jesse Kinder, Honors Core Faculty

Jesse Kinder, Honors Core Faculty,
Assistant Professor

I am a physicist who loves to share my fascination with the subject through teaching.  In my research, I study the properties of unusual materials like carbon nanotubes, graphene, spin liquids, and positronium.  My academic interests extend to all of physics, as well as mathematics, computer science, economics, and philosophy.  
I earned a B.A. in physics and astronomy from DePauw University, where I was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  After college, I spent a year as a newspaper reporter before I went on to graduate study at the University of Pennsylvania.  My undergraduate education instilled in me a strong appreciation for the liberal arts, and my experience as a reporter and a physicist showed me the value of a broad education, even in a field as technical as theoretical solid state physics.  I see the Honors Program as a way to share the core values of a liberal arts education with students at Oregon Tech.
Veronica Koehn, Honors Core Faculty

Veronica Koehn, Honors Core Faculty,
Associate Professor

Trevor Petersen, Honors Core Faculty

Trevor Petersen, Honors Core Faculty,
Assistant Professor

Matthew Sleep, Honors Core Faculty

Matthew Sleep, Honors Core Faculty,
Associate Professor