Dear Oregon Tech Students,

With the change in law in Oregon regarding legal use of marijuana in the state for those 21 years and older beginning on July 1, 2015, we wanted to provide clear information to you regarding use of and intoxication from marijuana on Oregon Tech campuses and centers so that you can make informed, smart choices.

Why marijuana use is prohibited at Oregon Tech
Because Oregon Tech receives federal aid and grants, we must continue to follow federal law, rather than state law when it comes to marijuana use and possession. This means that marijuana use in any form, including but not limited to smoking, edibles, oils and any other form, continues to be prohibited by students of any age on campus. Our non-smoking policy also applies, whether marijuana or derivatives (such as hash or kief, for example) or tobacco anywhere on the campus property.

Follow these guidelines to remember the rules:
An easy way to think about marijuana use, in general, is to compare it to alcohol and cigarette use. Ask yourself: could I walk across campus drinking a beer? No. I also can’t do that with marijuana. Could I come to class high on alcohol? No. I also can’t do that with marijuana. Could I return to my dorm room drunk and under the influence? No. I also can’t do that with marijuana. Can I safely use lab equipment and keep myself and others safe if I’ve been drinking alcohol? No, and I also couldn’t safely use equipment high on marijuana. Could I drive drunk? No, I also can’t drive stoned on marijuana. Could I drink alcohol in a public place? No, I also can’t do that with marijuana. Could I smoke a cigarette anywhere on campus? No, I also can’t do that with pot.

Beware of edible forms of marijuana:
There will be many forms of edible marijuana in pot shops and some students will be tempted to sample these. Please realize that edible pot does not immediately impact your system and so it is very easy to eat several “servings” of it and get too high, resulting in physical and mental distress, and sometimes the need for medical attention. Recent media stories have pointed out that a single marijuana infused candy bar, for example, is actually 6-8 servings of pot, yet many would assume that one candy bar is one serving for one person. Please be a good friend and let others know about the need for caution with edibles. Recent stories in the media, including the Denver Post and the Oregonian noted how much wrong information is printed on edibles’ labels (with actual THC both higher and lower in almost all cases tested) and the problems this has caused, including ER visits and even the death of a student in Wyoming (see:

Here is some additional information on marijuana use on campus:

The consequences are the same as possession or use of any controlled substance on campus. Students will face disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Conduct Code, which can include suspension or expulsion, depending on the circumstances (see: .)

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Despite the legalization of the possession, sale and use of marijuana in Oregon for those 21 and older, Oregon Tech must comply with federal law. This includes prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana in all forms. Oregon Tech is legally permitted to implement and enforce internal policies on our campus which may or may not be the same as state laws but are in the best interests of student safety. For example, while Oregonians may currently carry a concealed firearm if they have a permit, doing so is not allowed on the Oregon Tech campus due to safety concerns.

No, smoking of any kind on campus is prohibited by Oregon Tech policy. This prohibition forbids smoking of tobacco, marijuana or any other substance.

No, you cannot possess any amount of marijuana in any form on campus – including leaf/bud, hash, edibles, oils or any other form of marijuana or marijuana infused products. Doing so is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and other Oregon Tech policies. These policies are in force because these products can put other students at risk and, as discussed above, use and possession of marijuana products is a violation of federal law.

Yes, the disciplinary consequences at Oregon Tech for marijuana use, possession and intoxication are the same after July 1, 2015 as they are before.

If you are under the influence of any controlled substance, whether marijuana, alcohol, or other controlled substance, you are subject to the mandates for substance use in the Student Conduct Code.

Under federal law, marijuana use will still be considered illegal even after July 1, 2015 and students cannot possess or use medical marijuana in any form, even if in possession of a medical marijuana card. If you have any questions, please see the Vice President for Student Affairs, Erin Foley.

Please contact Erin Foley, Vice President for Student Affairs, at; or visit the Student Affairs office on the second floor of the College Union.