At Oregon Tech, we give students the opportunity to succeed. Dual Enrollment enables students to concurrently enroll with Oregon Tech and a partner community college while working toward their bachelor's degree. Students complete one application for admission with Oregon Tech and choose one of the following community colleges to dually enroll with: Portland CC, Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, Chemeketa CC, Linn-Benton CC, & Klamath CC.  Dually enrolled students can combine institutional credits at each college to receive “full time” financial aid status. Dual enrollment is open to all U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

If you have not already applied to Oregon Tech, you will complete the appropriate dual enrollment application: All dual enrollment applicants must meet Oregon Tech’s admission requirements. Students can qualify for admission as either a freshman or transfer applicant.

If you have filled out an application and want to check on your status, please visit: and follow the instructions for returning users. You can also contact our Office of Admissions at 541.885.1150 or

Contact our Office of Admissions at 541.885.1150 or e-mail and let them know your educational goal. Many students, especially those in the Portland Metro area, attend multiple schools as they pursue their bachelor’s degree from Oregon Tech.

  1. Optimal credit transfer from each community college 
  2. Concurrent enrollment with Oregon Tech and a community college 
  3. Increased flexibility for class scheduling 
  4. Exceptional advising at both institutions  
  5. Coordination of Financial Aid 
  6. Easy access to various Student Services at each institution 
  7. Transcript Sharing: dually enrolled students do not need to send transcripts to Oregon Tech at the end of each term. We do the tracking for you!

Students seeking financial aid under the dual enrollment agreement are able to combine their credits at each institution to be considered a full-time student under federal reporting guidelines. Students will work with the Oregon Tech Financial Aid Office to designate which school will be considered their Home Institution and which school will be the Host Institution. The Home Institution will distribute financial aid to the student. A student would then be responsible for taking care of the account at the Host Institution. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours with their Home Institution to receive financial aid.

Want more information or to discuss this policy with a financial aid counselor? Contact: or 541.885.1280.

To allow enough time for admissions and financial aid to evaluate your application, you will want to apply at least 3 weeks before the start of your intended term of enrollment. Oregon Tech's Office of Admissions encourages applicants to apply as early as possible. Specific term-by-term application deadlines can be accessed on the Oregon Tech Admissions website. Please remember that you will need to submit all prior transcripts to Oregon Tech and that the transcript ordering process may take a while!

Dually enrolled students will register for courses through the established registration process at each institution. Once accepted to the program, students will be informed of each college’s registration procedures.

If you wish to make changes to your Oregon Tech application, such as changing your admission term or updating to dual enrollment, you must reapply online selecting the appropriate Oregon Tech application. Use the Login and PIN that you created for your initial admission application for the new dual application. Application fees are valid for 2 years. Therefore, payment is not required if you paid for an Oregon Tech freshman, transfer, or dual admission application fee within 2 years of your new application.

Yes. Oregon Tech does not require an associate degree for admission to the university. At Oregon Tech, we recognize the importance of a two-year degree, including career opportunities and transferability. If you are working towards your associate degree, please contact our Office of Admissions to discuss degree pathways and transfer opportunities!

Each partner institution establishes their individual policies regarding a student’s residency status. If you decide that dual enrollment is right for you, and have questions regarding your residency status, you should contact the residency officer at each institution. Oregon Tech residency policies can be accessed from Registrar's Office. Again, staying in contact with each institution on specific residency policies will alleviate confusion about institution-driven policies.

Students need to register with disability services at any institution where accommodations are needed and each institution is responsible for providing services in the courses provided through their institution. A guide to services and frequently asked questions about Oregon Tech's disability services can be found at Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES). You can contact Oregon Tech's ACES office at 541.885.0189 TTY 541.885.1072 or email

Yes, we are always working to formulate academic agreements with partners. To stay up-to-date on our dual enrollment agreements, continue to check our partnership webpage.

Dual Enrollment

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