Faculty and Staff Policies

2019-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, SEIU Local 503/OPEUPDF1.53 MB Download
Academic Rank - Portfolio Guidelines for Promotion, Tenure, and Post-Tenure ReviewPDF246.42 KB Download
Academic Rank - Promotion for Library Faculty - OIT 20-041PDF160.87 KB Download
Academic Rank - Promotion Timeline for Instructional FacultyPDF17.72 KB Download
Academic Rank - Promotion Timeline for Library Faculty - OIT 20-041PDF74.42 KB Download
Academic Rank and Tenure for Unclassified Administrators - OIT 20-231PDF15.71 KB Download
Academic Rank Promotion for Instructional Faculty - OIT 20-040PDF127.73 KB Download
Administrative Compensation Plan - OIT 20-044PDF79.11 KB Download
Administrative Compensation Plan ProceduresPDF32.60 KB Download
Awarding Honorary Degrees - OIT 27-010PDF353.44 KB Download
Building Managers - OIT 50-030PDF15.92 KB Download
Campus Speech Activities Policy - OIT 30-002PDF101.43 KB Download
Candidate Application for Faculty, Staff, and Student Board of Trustees - OIT-01-002PDF194.13 KB Download
Catering - OIT 30-020PDF16.48 KB Download
Communication Allowance ProcedurePDF56.58 KB Download
Computing Facilities Use - OIT 30-005PDF117.58 KB Download
Consensual Relations Leading to Conflicts of Interest - OIT 22-055PDF19.77 KB Download
Contracts for Coaches - OIT 20-032PDF10.46 KB Download
Credit for Prior Learning - OIT-13-013PDF150.90 KB Download
Dean Evaluation - OIT 21-031PDF86.11 KB Download
Department Chair Selection and Evaluation - OIT - 21-030PDF1.12 MB Download
Discrimination Grievance ProcedurePDF214.42 KB Download
Donated Equipment - OIT 50-120PDF11.01 KB Download
Electronic Communication - OIT 30-003PDF14.54 KB Download
Emeritus Selection - Administrator Emeritus Selection - OIT 21-092PDF166.03 KB Download
Emeritus Selection - Faculty Emeritus Selection - OIT 21-090PDF29.61 KB Download
Equipment Receipt and Disposal - OIT 50-130PDF9.48 KB Download
Erecting Statues Signs Memorials - OIT 50-040PDF8.07 KB Download
Ethical Statement for OIT EmployeesPDF14.91 KB Download
Facilities Use - OIT 30-001PDF28.90 KB Download
Faculty Compensation - OIT 20-015PDF188.46 KB Download
Faculty Evaluation Policy - APE Form for Teaching FacultyPDF52.52 KB Download
Faculty Evaluation Policy - OIT 21-040PDF113.78 KB Download
Faculty Handbook - 2017-18PDF20.10 MB Download
Faculty Merit Pay - Annual Merit Score FormPDF38.27 KB Download
Faculty Merit Pay - OIT 20-016PDF288.42 KB Download
Faculty Office Assignment Policy - OIT 21-032PDF24.36 KB Download
Faculty Records - OIT 22-010PDF27.37 KB Download
Financial Exigency - OIT 45-010PDF5.12 KB Download
Financial Irregularities - OIT 40-050PDF39.60 KB Download
Grievance Procedure - Administrative Staff - OIT 21-320PDF19.83 KB Download
Grievance Procedure - Faculty - OIT 21-321PDF188.74 KB Download
Incidental Fees - OIT 40-090PDF963.00 KB Download
Inclement Weather ClosureDOCX14.05 KB Download
Information Security Manual - OIT 30-007PDF187.28 KB Download
Intellectual Property - OIT 24-010PDF82.15 KB Download
IRB for Use of Human and Animal Subjects - OIT 25-010PDF48.14 KB Download
Issuance of Keys - OIT 50-001PDF23.94 KB Download
Leave for Victims - OIT 29-030PDF52.22 KB Download
Library Faculty Evaluation - OIT 20-042PDF833.57 KB Download
Library Faculty Objectives PlanPDF6.70 KB Download
OIT Intercollegiate Athletics Code of EthicsPDF23.81 KB Download
Online Quality Standards OIT-21-050PDF894.60 KB Download
Oregon Public Ethics Law - A Guide for Public OfficialsPDF180.88 KB Download
Outside Activities and Related Compensation - OIT 23-070PDF16.96 KB Download
Performance Evaluation - Adjunct FacultyPDF76.16 KB Download
Performance Evaluation - Library FacultyPDF62.98 KB Download
Performance Evaluations - IT Appraisal Process - Employee GuidePDF128.00 KB Download
Performance Evaluations - IT Performance Appraisal - Defining CompetenciesPDF25.67 KB Download
Performance Evaluations - IT Performance Appraisal Instructions - SupervisorPDF41.23 KB Download
Performance Evaluations - Performance Appraisal of Unclassified Administrators - OIT 20-043PDF15.42 KB Download
Policy Addition and Revision - OIT 01-001PDF88.41 KB Download
Political Restrictions - ORS 260.432PDF953.18 KB Download
Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages - OIT-30-031PDF57.20 KB Download
Posting Policy - OIT 30-006PDF21.48 KB Download
Professional Development for Staff - OIT 21-315PDF27.22 KB Download
Program Reduction and Elimination - OIT 20-050PDF80.66 KB Download
Property Naming Policy - OIT 50-050PDF11.24 KB Download
Purchasing Policy - OIT 40-020PDF1.05 MB Download
Research Grants and Research Contracts - OIT 40-010PDF62.79 KB Download
Safety - OIT 50-020PDF18.93 KB Download
Safety - President's Statement on Campus Safety - OIT 50-020PDF11.19 KB Download
Salary Stipends for Academic Administrators - OIT 23-060PDF10.82 KB Download
Sexual Harassment - OIT 21-325PDF43.19 KB Download
Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus - OIT 30-035 PDF198.83 KB Download
Staff Tuition - OIT 21-310PDF11.66 KB Download
Student Evaluation of Faculty - OIT 21-035PDF562.68 KB Download
Substance Abuse - AIDS, Alcohol, and DrugsPDF4.22 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Community Services for Alcohol/Drug AbusePDF5.67 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Controlled Substance Policy - OIT 30-033PDF47.00 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Drug Free Workplace Policy - OIT 30-034PDF160.29 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Drug Policy Notice to OITPDF13.67 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Health Risks Associated with Use or AbusePDF14.94 KB Download
Substance Abuse - Sanctions for Possession and/or DistributionPDF10.67 KB Download
Summer Session Operation - OIT 20-012PDF15.15 KB Download
Technical Education Delivery System - OIT 30-015PDF11.48 KB Download
Tenure - Indefinite Tenure Selection - OIT-20-030PDF1.82 MB Download
Tenure - Indefinite Tenure TimelinesPDF24.17 KB Download
Tenure - Post-Tenure Review FlowchartPDF16.78 KB Download
Tenure - Post-Tenure Review Policy - OIT 20-035PDF2.01 MB Download
Tenure - Relinquishment - OIT 20-033PDF408.58 KB Download
Timely Notice for Unclassified Administrators - Fixed Term - OIT 20-045PDF157.55 KB Download
Travel - Foreign Travel - OIT 60-026PDF4.28 KB Download
Travel - Private Air Travel - OIT 60-030PDF5.23 KB Download
Use of Vehicles for University Business - OIT 60-010PDF21.97 KB Download