2019-20 Excellence in Teaching Conference

2017-18 OTET Conference

5th Annual Commission on College Teaching's Oregon Tech Excellence in Teaching Conference

Monday, September 16, 2019  Klamath Falls Campus, College Union, 2nd Floor 
10:30 am  Check-in Table Opens
11:00 am - 11:45 am  OTET Conference: Poster Session
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm  Lunch in Marketplace
12:45 pm - 4:00 pm  OTET Conference: Afternoon Presentation Sessions 

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The Commission on College Teaching is holding our Fifth Annual Oregon Tech Excellence in Teaching Conference on Monday, September 16th, 2019.  This half day conference kicks off the start of convocation with faculty and staff engaged in conversation and sharing their passion for teaching.  Early registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the selected conference book, Factfulness, by Hans Rosling (while supplies last).  Register Now!

OTET Conference: Poster Session 11:00 - 12:00 -  Cascades

Poster 1:  “Student Affairs Role in Student Success,” Erin Foley, Dean of Students, Student Services

Poster 2:  “Structuring Activities for Small Learning Teams in Introductory Circuits Classes,” Eve Klopf, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy

Poster 3: “Flipped Class and Active Learning: Using Student Designed Case Studies to Deepen Learning and Clinical Skills Application,” Jessica Luebbers, Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene

Poster 4: “Making Textbooks affordable at Oregon Tech: Open education initiatives in the sciences,” Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, Director, Portland Metro Campus Library

Poster 5: “Two-for-the-price-of-one: Co-Listing Chemistry for Engineers and Pre-Medical Students,” Chelsea Gustafson, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Poster 6: “The Lab Memo: A Useful Alternative to Technical Reports,” Jesse M. Kinder, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Poster 7: “Impact of Social Positioning on Group Efficacy in an ISLE Physics Class,” Yuehai Yang, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Poster 8:  “Teaching Students Clinical Decision Making Skills with Multiple Exemplar Training,” Dawn Bailey, Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences

Poster 9: “Teaching What They Already Know,” Jared Emard, Assistant Professor, Business Management

Poster 10:  “Commission on College Teaching: 2018-19 Overview,” Sharon Beaudry, Associate Professor, Business Management & Travis Lund, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Poster 11:  “Active Learning Center: Teamwork Research,” Sharon Beaudry, Associate Professor, Business Management; & Travis Lund, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Poster 12:  “Life Extension and Educational Enhancement of Existing Laboratory Equipment,” Nathan Mead, Professor, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering and Technology-Seattle

Poster 13: “Working with Data @ the Library,” Karen Kunz, Information Systems Librarian, Library

Poster 14:  “IRB Information to Share with Your Students Who Will Be Completing Research,” Trevor Peterson, Associate Professor, HSS; Amber Lancaster, Assistant Professor, Communication; Scott Prahl, Professor, Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy

Poster 15: “Defining Excellent Teaching at Oregon Tech,” C.J. Riley, Professor, Civil Engineering; Jessie Kinder, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences; Ben Bunting, Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences

Poster 16: Evaluation of Interactive Technology in Face to Face Classes” Kevin Garrett, Assistant Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy; Alishia Huntoon, Professor, Applied Psychology; Trevor Petersen, Associate Professor, Applied Psychology

OTET Conference: Lunch in the Marketplace - 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Location: College Union, 2nd Floor, Marketplace

Welcome & Opening Remarks by Dr. Nagi Naganathan - 12:15

Location: College Union, 2nd Floor, Marketplace

Lunch with Keynote Speaker -  12:20- Mt. Mazama

Canvas as an Engine for Student Success
David Lyons, Solutions Engineer, Instructure

With Oregon Tech’s move to Canvas, David Lyons will provide his success stories of supporting learning with the use of technology.  David Lyons has been a Senior Solutions Engineer for the Canvas Platform at Instructure for over 4 years. Before that his entire career has been in higher ed and edtech where he has been an LMS admin, faculty trainer, adjunct instructor, and running all matter of technical and pedagogical projects, usually at the same time. When not spreading the Canvas love he can be found podcasting or in the mountains.

OTET Conference: Afternoon Presentation Sessions 

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM   Session 1     

Mt Mazama:  Best Practice for Online Delivery

           Carrie Dickson, Director & Instructional Designer, Distance Education
           Christine Ward, Instructional Designer, Distance Education                       

Learn five tips and best practices in creating a dynamic online course. Faculty who teach online may experience frustration by the differences between teaching a face-to-face and online course. Come learn how you can help provide a rich learning experience with a minimal mindset change.

Mt. Bailey:   Opening Possibilities with Open Educational Resources

            Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, Director, Portland Metro Campus Library
            Addie Clark, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences
            Sharon Beaudry, Associate Professor, Business Management
            Amber Lancaster, Associate Professor, Communication
            & other instructors using Open Resources in their classes

What do chemistry, business, math, and psychology all have in common? These are just some of the subjects and using open, low and no cost materials in their classes.  In the 2019 academic year students at Oregon Tech saved nearly a quarter million dollars on text books. This academic year we hope to more than double that number. Learn how others have done this and steps you can take to change to open and low or no cost materials.

Mt. McLaughlin: A Pecha Kucha (Chit-Chat) about Course Evaluations       

           Kyle Chapman, Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Science
           Sarah Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, Respiratory Care
           Rosanna Overholser, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
           Seth Anthony, Associate Professor & Director, Office of Academic Excellence

In Spring 2019, the Faculty Senate convened an ad hoc committee to explore concerns surrounding end-of-term course evaluations. This group examined policy issues, best practices, external studies, and surveyed faculty and department chairs to identify themes, issues, and opportunities, producing a short report delivered to Faculty Senate in June 2019. In this session, members of this committee will present major topics that emerged in these discussions in a "pecha kucha" format, followed by a group discussion with participants about potential next steps for course evaluations at Oregon Tech.

Sunset:  The Craft of Teaching — Then and Now

            Jesse M. Kinder, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences
            Maureen Sevigny, Professor, Business Management
            Jared Emard, Assistant Professor, Business Management

Guide to Mastering the Professor's Art." The first edition of the book was published in 1976, but many of the questions and challenges Eble describes are still relevant today. In this panel discussion, participants in the book discussion group will share their own insights as we discuss a few of the major themes of the book.

• Myths of Teaching
• The Classroom
• Lectures, Discussions, and Seminars
• Texts and Assignments

2:30 - 2:45      Break            Mt. Shasta Lounge – Tech Expo

2:45 PM – 3:45 PM     Session 2     

Mt MazamaInstructurecon!  Surfing the wave to Canvas

          Christine Ward, Instructional Designer, Distance Education
          Carrie Dickson, Director & Instructional Designer, Distance Education
          Seth Anthony, Associate Professor & Director of Academic Excellence
          Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy, Instructional Librarian
          Sharon Beaudry, Associate Professor, Business Management

This cross-disciplinary group of faculty and staff set sail to the mammoth Instructurecon (Canvas) conference in Long Beach this summer.  They have brought back best practices in pedagogy, tricks, and future developments of our new learning management system – Canvas.  Join this session to learn some gnarly insider tips to avoid wipe outs with our new LMS. 

Mt. Bailey:  Factfulness: A Book Discussion

Jesse M. Kinder, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences
          C.J. Riley, Professor, Civil Engineering

Join us for a discussion of Factfulness by Hans Rosling.  First, we will discuss the major themes of the book — psychological bias and how to counteract it with data — as well as our reactions and insights while reading.  Next, we will discuss how to present data effectively and how to use data in making decisions.  Finally, we will discuss elements of effective teaching that are used or ignored in the book.  Please take the quiz on pages 3–5 of the book — also available at https://factfulnessquiz.com — before you come.

Mt. McLaughlin:  Mindfulness Practice Integration into Undergraduate Courses

          John Borgen, Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences

An overview of mindfulness practice will be provided that covers the evidence base for mindfulness practice and the rationale for inclusion in and outside of coursework at Oregon Tech. Specific guidance and recommendations for integrating guided mindfulness practice into 50-minute undergraduate classes will be disseminated. Preliminary data regarding student perceptions toward mindfulness practice will be presented. A short guided mindfulness practice will be conducted to allow attendees to experience a mindfulness practice exercise. The remaining time will be utilized to answer any questions about mindfulness practice and its practical integration into coursework.

Sunset: Real Tension: Communication Apprehension and STEM

          Kevin James Brown, Professor, Communication
          Dan Peterson, Professor & Dean of HAS, Communication
          Veronica Koehn, Associate Professor

Communication Apprehension is one of the primary factors that influence's the modern student's interaction. However, the traditional way of conceptualizing Communication Apprehension (CA) as a variable most influenced by the number of people that the person is talking to has sever limitations. We hav developed a conceptualization of Communication apprehension that incorporates Bormann's idea of social tension to understand people's reluctance to communicate. We will present the concept of Communication Apprehension as social tension , its particular applicability applicability to STEM students, the instrument we hav developed to measure it, the instrument's use, how to help students apply the instrument, and how to alter teaching strategies in response to understanding CA as social tension.

3:45 - 4:00      Break            Mt Shasta Lounge – Tech Expo

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM     Digging into Assessment Data  -  Mt. Mazama/Scott

Conference Book

Factfulness Book Cover

Conference Posters


Faculty Attendees : 127
Staff Attendees :  15

Participant Comments

The Feedback collected noted that 100% of participants said they found something useful or applicable to their teaching.

   " I thought the poster sessions were great! "

" The conference provided me with time to engage with faculty and their project and         research "

   " I loved the variety of topics and the opportunity to catch up with other faculty about the work they have been doing " 

   " I learned alot about our own faculty and campus projects "

   " The CCT conference was great and inspired me to learn many approaches that I can use or apply to my courses "

   "The Oregon Tech faculty members have done great and developed such amazing skills "