Excellence in Teaching Conference

2017-18 OTET Conference

5th Annual Commission on College Teaching's Oregon Tech Excellence in Teaching Conference

The Commission on College Teaching held our Fifth Annual Oregon Tech Excellence in Teaching Conference on Monday, September 16th, 2019.  This half day conference kicked off the start of convocation with faculty and staff engaged in conversation and sharing their passion for teaching.  This year 119 Faculty and Staff attended this half day event that included a poster session, Keynote speaker and eight concurrent sessions. 

Poster Session- Dawn Bailey
Conferece Open- Dr Nagi
Poster Session - CJ Riley

Conference Posters

  • OTET Conference 2019 - Defining Excellent Teaching at Oregon Tech
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Mead
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Kinder
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Gustafson
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Garrett Huntoon Petersen
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Dawn W
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_CCT
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_ ALC
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Bailey
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_ Kunz
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_ Emard
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_ Yang
  • 2019-20 Poster OTET_Student Services
  • Luebbers- CCT Poster 2019
  • 2018-19 OTET Conference Poster 9_Lancaster
  • 2018-19 OTET Conference Poster 7_Howard, Pintong, Scevers
  • 2018-19 OTET Conference Poster 8_Luebbers, Willey

Participant Comments

The Feedback collected noted that 100% of participants said they found something useful or applicable to their teaching.

   " I thought the poster sessions were great! "

"The conference provided me with time to engage with faculty and their project and research"

   " I loved the variety of topics and the opportunity to catch up with other faculty about the work they have been doing " 

   " I learned alot about our own faculty and campus projects "

   " The CCT conference was great and inspired me to learn many approaches that I can use or apply to my courses "

   "The Oregon Tech faculty members have done great and developed such amazing skills "