Excellence in Teaching Talks

2017-18 Logo OTET Talk

2017-18 Excellence in Teaching Talks

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, the Oregon Tech Commission on College Teaching hosted a new event, open to educators and all interested parties in the Klamath Falls community.

Excellence in Teaching Talks was an evening of, short, TED-style talks on innovative and effective educational practices, delivered by educators, students, and others.

The event was open to both the Oregon Tech campus and Klamath Falls community and talks will be recorded.

Movie Theatre Refreshments were provided.

2017-18 Headshot - Dawn Bailey
Speaker 1: Active Student Responding

Dawn Bailey
Oregon Tech
Practicum Coordinator/Clinical Director of Humanities & Social Sciences
18 years as an educator
 2017-18 Headshot - Delana Heidrich
Speaker 2: We Teach Human Beings

Delana Heidrich
Bonanza High School
Language Arts Teacher
29 years as an educator
2017-18 Headshot - Lloyd Parratt
Speaker 3: Now You Say it, Now You Don't

Lloyd Parratt
Oregon Tech
Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences
48 years an educator
 2017-18 Headshot - Matt Schnackenberg
Speaker 4: The Opportunity Provided
by Passion - And Other Ways of Learning in Higher Education

Matt Schnackenberg
Oregon Tech
Professor of Communication
22 years an educator

This event was streamed live and recorded on the Oregon Tech CCT YouTube Channel

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