Testing Services Portland-Metro

Who We Are

Testing Services provides a secure, quiet environment for all testing needs at Oregon Tech, staffed by trained professional proctors.

What We Do:

  • ALEKS placement testing
  • Disability Services accommodated testing
  • Proctored online exams
  • ACTFL foreign language testing (via phone)
  • BYU FLATS foreign language testing (via computer)
  • Other testing as requested

Winter Hours of Operation

Monday     9:15 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday 8:15 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday  8:15 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:15 am - 6:00 pm
8:15 am - 4:30 pm
Additional appointment times may be available with advanced notice.  Contact Testing for details.  All testers should schedule an appointment no less than 18 hours prior to an exam. 

Know Before You Go

  1. All exams must be scheduled a minimum of 18 business hours in advance. Walk-in testing is not offered at this time.

  2. All testers must provide the proctor with valid (unexpired) government or Oregon Tech issued photo identification.

  3. Avoid surprises, review the Testing Policies & Procedures before your appointment.

Who We Serve

Current Students

  • Testing Services provides trained student proctors and a quiet, secure testing area.
  • Services include: make-up testing, early-take testing, reduced distraction rooms, and secure online testing.
  • Do you have accommodations through Disability Services? Contact the DS Coordinator to schedule your exams.
  • Do you need to complete your Foreign Language Requirement? Ask Testing Services about options including ACTFL’s Oral Proficiency Interviews (via phone) and BYU FLATS computer based exams.
  • Current student users – Schedule an Exam

New Students

  • New Oregon Tech students may require placement testing. Please contact Testing Services for more information.
  • Transcripts from other institutions should be sent to the Registrar as soon as possible.
  • Students who wish to take placement tests online should schedule through ProctorU.
  • Placement testing is free for Oregon Tech students.


  • Testing Services provides a secure alternative to administering exams in the classroom.
  • Testing Services does not proctor classroom exams at this time, but staff may be able to accommodate your class in the center. Contact the coordinator for options.
  • 10 paper-based stations and 7 computer stations are available for testing.
  • Online enabled electronic devices are NOT allowed in the testing center, without explicit faculty consent. Testing Services highly discourages phone-based calculator applications.
  • View a formal list of Testing Policies & Procedures.
  • First-time faculty users of the online exam submission process – Enroll Here.
  • Returning faculty users – Submit an Exam.

Distance Testing

  • Distance testing is a service provided for non-Oregon Tech students who wish to have tests proctored with Oregon Tech Testing Services on the Portland-Metro campus.
  • Test proctoring fees: $25 for online exams and $30 for paper-based exams, paid directly through the scheduling system.
    Scheduling your exam appointment:
        1. Complete the proctor request steps required by your institution. Your institution may
            provide you with a proctor form that our center will need to complete and return.  
        2. Your institution will send us exam materials and proctoring information.
        3. We receive your proctoring information and your exam will appear in our online
            appointment scheduler.

        4. Schedule an Exam

   Parking is free! Park in any spot marked "Oregon Tech Visitor" or "Oregon Tech."