Next Steps to Enroll at Oregon Tech Seattle

  1. Determine which program(s) you are interested in pursuing at Oregon Tech Seattle.

  2. Determine what type of applicant you are.

  • Full admit is a student that has 36 or more college credits from a regionally accredited school with a 2.5 GPA or higher, and has completed at least Intermediate Algebra or higher and English 101 or higher.
  • Non-Degree is a student in one or more of these categories:
    1) that does not have 36 or more college credits from a regionally accredited college/university
    2) Has never attended college, or has not completed Intermediate Algebra or English 101.
    3) Already has a degree and is just taking a class or two to skill up in a given area.
    Students in this application status do not need to submit official transcripts for admissions but can only take a maximum of 8 credits per term.

  • Submit an online application for your desired degree or program.

    • Do not pay the application fee.
    • Use your Boeing email.
    • Indicate in the application that you want the Seattle campus.
    • If applying for the Composite Program or are a non-degree student, please specify which site you will be taking classes at on the application. (Everett, Renton, and Frederickson plans)

    Submit Application

  • Complete a math assessment exam.

    • If it has been longer than 2 years since your last math course you will want to contact David Wright ( to set up a math placement exam.
    • The exam is short is gives you and your instructors a better understanding of your current skills.

  • Email Oregon Tech Seattle letting us know the following:

    • The degree(s) you are interested in pursuing.
    • That you have completed an application, and which one.
    • Whether you have been to another college or university; and if yes, submit all unofficial transcripts with this email and request an unofficial review of your transcripts (unofficial transcripts are those that you have in your records, or you can request from your university).

  • Submit official transcripts

    • After the review of your unofficial transcriptions, please gather all official transcripts then either call or email to schedule a drop-off time and day for either the Oregon Tech Renton Office or our Everett Lab

  • Complete and return a Release of Information Form.

  • Classes are on the quarter system terms, and usually start and run on the following schedule
    Fall September - December Winter January - March
    Spring April - June Summer June - September
    Go to the Academic Calendar page for more information.