Oregon Tech’s philosophy on student discipline is educational in nature. The University recognizes that students will make mistakes and at times, decisions that do not align with personal values and University expectations. The Office of Student Affairs is charged with assisting students in reflecting and learning from their decisions by holding them accountable for their behavior. Through the conduct process, students are helped in ethical, personal, and intellectual development as well as developing character and integrity. Student Affairs staff offers education, challenge, and support to students struggling with behavioral issues, and makes appropriate referrals to other resources as necessary.

Within the area of student conduct, the objectives are:

  • Administer and educate students on university policies, procedures and expectations.
  • Hold students accountable for violations of university policy while protecting students’ rights to a fair and equitable process.
  • Address university concerns of student behavior including, but not limited to, Title IX complaints.
  • Assist students in ethical, personal, and intellectual development.
  • Identify the need to refer students to appropriate university and community resources to promote student success and retention.
  • Help foster and maintain a safe and secure educational environment.
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate disciplinary records.

Student Affairs

 College Union 217
College Union, 2nd floor, Rm 217
3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

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