Meet the Faculty

The faculty of the Natural Sciences Department teach the Biology-Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences Programs, as well as "service" courses that are needed for many other degree programs at Oregon Tech.

Department Chair Dr. Ken Usher
Program Directors
Biology-Health Sciences Dr. Hui-Yun Li
Environmental Sciences Dr. Jherime Kellermann
Advising Coordinators
Biology-Health Sciences Rose McClure
Environmental Sciences Dr. Jherime Kellermann
Dr. Seth Anthony

Dr. Seth Anthony, Associate Professor


I teach general chemistry and electrochemistry for engineering students, but I also advise students and teach in the Environmental Sciences program! I'm also involved in research on chemistry education and development of new inquiry-based laboratory experiments.

Dr. Addie Clark

Dr. Addie Clark, Assistant Professor

OfficeDOW 201
I teach introductory chemistry.  I also have interests in environmental and analytical chemistry.
Dr. Elise Donovan

Dr. Elise Donovan, Assistant Professor

OfficeDOW 203

I teach 200-level anatomy & physiology, and my specialty is exercise physiology.

Leif Eccles

Leif Eccles, Assistant Professor

OfficeWilsonville - Room 4
I teach physics in Wilsonville. I am a faculty advisor to the GRASP (Gravity and Space) Research Club including NASA projects such as the Eclipse Ballooning Project, RockON, RockSAT, and the Robotic Mining Competition. I like to incorporate my research into cosmic radiation shielding in these projects. I am also facilitator for LGBTIQ&A and work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for minorities at the university.
Kerry Farris

Kerry Farris, Instructor

OfficeDOW E205

I teach field biology and Environmental Sciences classes.

Dr. Kamal Gandhi

Dr. Kamal Gandhi, Assistant Professor

OfficeDOW 221

I enjoy teaching medical microbiology and molecular biology.

Dr. Chelsea Gustafson

Dr. Chelsea Gustafson, Assistant Professor

I teach chemistry in Portland-Metro, including general chemistry for engineers and medical lab science students, as well as organic and biochemistry for medical lab science students.
Dr. Michael L. Hughes

Dr. Michael L. Hughes, Associate Professor


I teach physical geography and environmental sciences with emphases in geomorphology and aquatic ecosystems. I particularly enjoy teaching field-based courses and advising students on research projects. 

Dr. Jherime Kellermann

Dr. Jherime Kellermann, Associate Professor

OfficeDOW 208

I teach courses in biology and wildlife ecology. I am especially interested in student projects in wildlife, habitat ecology, and issues related to wildlife management and conservation.  I am the Program Director and Advising Coordinator of the Environmental Sciences major.

Dr. Jesse Kinder

Dr. Jesse Kinder, Assistant Professor

I teach physics for students in a variety of majors, including engineers, biologists, and health science professionals.
Dr. Hui-Yun Li

Dr. Hui-Yun Li, Professor

OfficeDOW 204

I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biopsychology, Cell Biology and Introduction to Neuroscience. I am Program Director of the Biology-Health Sciences major.

Dr. Travis Lund

Dr. Travis Lund, Assistant Professor

I teach introductory chemistry for pre-MIT, pre-nursing, pre-dental hygiene and other students.  I also teach the organic chemistry sequence (CHE 331/332/333).
Rose McClure

Rose McClure, Associate Professor


I teach elementary chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and medical laboratory science courses.  I am the Advising Coordinator for Biology-Health Sciences, and advise students in the pre-Medical Laboratory Science and pre-paramedic programs.

Dr. Tanya McVay

Dr. Tanya McVay, Professor

OfficeDOW 240

I teach Human Anatomy & Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, and Physics of Ultrasound.

Dr. Greg Pak

Dr. Greg Pak, Associate Professor

I teach Anatomy & Physiology as well as Medical Terminology, pathophysiology and immunology. I am on the Portland-Metro campus, and I advise pre-MIT students.

Lloyd "Smitty" Parratt

Lloyd "Smitty" Parratt, Assistant Professor

OfficeDOW 223

I teach introductory courses in biology and environmental science, as well as tai chi, relaxation and flexibility, and wilderness activity courses.

Dr. John Ritter

Dr. John Ritter, Professor


I am a member of the Geomatics department, but I also teach and advise students in the Environmental Sciences program.

Vira Schechtel

Vira Schechtel, Professor


I teach general chemistry for engineering and biology students. I am the faculty advisor to Oregon Tech's International Student Club.

Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor, Assistant Professor

I teach Anatomy & Physiology labs for students in the Biology-Health Sciences major, as well as pathophysiology and medical terminology. I am our department's cadaver coordinator.  Before I came to Oregon Tech I was a practicing physician assistant.

Dr. Ken Usher

Dr. Ken Usher, Professor, Chair of Natural Sciences Dept

I teach biochemistry, pharmacology and medical genetics.  Sometimes I mentor student research projects in biochemistry too, so if you're interested in that, contact me.
Christy VanRooyen

Christy VanRooyen, Instructor

OfficeDOW 223

I teach elementary chemistry, introductory biology, and Environmental Data Analysis.

Dr. Robyn Wilde

Dr. Robyn Wilde, Professor


I teach physics to a wide range of students, including biology students.

Dr. Yue-Hai (John) Yang

Dr. Yue-Hai (John) Yang, Assistant Professor


I teach physics for students in a variety of majors, including engineers, biologists, and health science professionals.

Chris Wayne

Chris Wayne

Chris is adjunct faculty and is also the GIS coordinator and Geographer at Crater Lake National Park.