A Medical Withdrawal is requested when a student is suffering from a medical condition that prevents the completion of the term. A "W" will be placed on the student's Oregon Tech Transcript. Students who receive a medical withdrawal may be placed on hold until the University can determine that the student is ready to return. Medical withdrawals can be for all courses or individual course(s) the student is registered in for the term. A medical withdrawal must be filed within six (6) months of the end of the term involved. If a student is approved for medical withdrawal, the student may apply for a Tuition Refund Appeal through the Business Affairs Office.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Only illness or injuries, as it relates to the student, of extended duration are normally considered for a medical withdrawal. Consideration will be given only when an illness or injury makes it impossible to complete a term.
  • Read the instructions and definitions on the request form explaining the medical withdrawal process and its consequences, if approved.
  • Students who wish to file a request for medical withdrawal should print and complete the form and attach supporting medical documentation. The letter in support of your medical withdrawal may be written by a physician, counselor or other medical provider, and must provide dates seen and recommend withdrawal from class(es).
  • The following items will be required to file for a Medical Withdrawal and should be returned to the Student Affairs Office:
    1. Request for Medical Withdraw - is a request to be medically withdrawn from the University and should be returned to the Student Affairs Office.
    2. Supporting Medical Documentation - is a medical release form to be signed and returned along with Request Form by the student.
  • Return the completed items to Student Affairs, College Union 217. You may email to student.affairs@oit.edu or fax to 541.885.1122. An evaluation will be made by the Dean of Students upon receipt of all appropriate medical withdrawal forms. Your Medical Withdrawal request will take approximately two to three weeks to review.

To submit a Tuition & Fee Appeals Form, please go to the
Business Affairs Office website.

Student Affairs

 College Union 217
College Union, 2nd floor, Rm 217
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