Healthy Active Challenge 2018


We are excited that you and your teammates (4 people total) are willing to try to improve your health and fitness this year. There will also be Bonus Points, which can boost your score. You can look-up each weekly challenge by following the links on the side. Let’s get started and become healthy active people in 2018.

Purpose:  To help manage weight through increasing physical activity and decreasing calorie intake by making small daily dietary changes.

When: Monday, January 22 – Monday, February 25

How to Sign Up: Gather a team of 4 people and fill out the Registration Form 

How it Works

Participants will earn points during the weekly nutritional and physical challenges. Report your total points at the end of the week to your team captain. The team captain will, in turn, report team pointsA week runs Monday at 12am to Sunday at 11:59pm. There will be a different winner each week.

Participants can earn bonus points by attending workshops related to the challenge and weekly physical activities, mainly walking and/or running near campus and healthy presentations.

When to turn in points: Report total team points every Monday by 3pm to Jennifer Bavarskas ( Late points will not be counted.

How winning teams are determined each week:  Total points. You may be asked to explain your points if you have an unusually large number.

The Winner’s Circle:  Once again, there will be a different winner each week. Each week’s winner will move into the winner’s circle. At the end of the challenge the team with the most overall points will be the Grand Prize winner! 

Questions/Concerns If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Jennifer Bavarskas at or via phone at 541.885.1800.