Facilities Planning Commission

The responsibilities of the Facilities Planning Commission include the following:

  1. Recommend to the President the priority for building construction, remodeling, and optimal building utilization during master planning efforts.
  2. Advise on major changes in the use of space.
  3. Review requests for additional space and equipment, which would become a part of the building inventory.

The Commission is comprised of the Vice Presidents for Finance and Administration, and Student Affairs; the Provost; the Vice Provost for Research and Academic Affairs (or designee); the college Deans; University Registrar (or designee); the Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer; the Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management; the Directors of Athletics, and Facilities; the University Librarian; three faculty members; a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee; a Portland-Metro representative; and two students. The Vice President for Finance and Administration serves as the chair.

Chair, Vice President 2022-23 John Harman Finance and Administration
Provost and Vice President 2022-23 Joanna Mott Academic Affairs
Vice President 2022-23 Erin Foley Student Affairs
Vice Provost 2022-23 Abdy Afjeh Research and Academic Affairs
AVP/CIO or des. 2022-23 Tony Richey Information Technology
Dean of Engineering, Technology, and Management 2022-23 Tom Keyser Academic Affairs
Dean of Health, Arts, and Sciences 2022-23 Dan Peterson Academic Affairs
Director 2022-23 Josephine Ness Admissions
Director 2022-23 John Van Dyke Athletics
Director 2022-23 Thom Darrah Facilities Management Services
University Librarian 2022-23 John Schoppert Academic Affairs
University Registrar 2022-23 Wendy Ivie Academic Affairs
Portland-Metro Representative 2020-23 Lara Pracht Academic Affairs
Senate Executive Representative 2022-23 Ashton Greer Faculty Senate
Faculty 1 2022-25 Ken Davis Applied Mathematics
Faculty 2 2022-25 Gary Lomprey Business Management
Faculty 3 2021-24 Sharon Beaudry Business Management
Klamath Falls Student Representative 2022-23 Finn Anders Student
Portland-Metro Student Representative 2022-23 William Sell Student
Executive Assistant 2022-23 Celia Green Finance and Administration

Commission Meetings

Time: 4:00 pm

Facilities Planning Commission (FPC) Meeting

Location: CEET Conference Room 250



Time: 9:00 am

Location: CEET Conference Room 250

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